The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Older Adults


Physical therapy promotes, restores, and maintains health through physical intervention, rehabilitation, and patient education. Unlike an in-home caregiver, a physical therapist evaluates and treats individuals to better manage existing conditions and prevent future injuries. PT usually involves individualized treatment plans to help seniors reach their long-term goals and promote healthy aging.

As an established agency offering home health care in Tyler, Texas, we will discuss the benefits of physical therapy for your elderly loved one:

  • Reduce the Risk of Falls
    Falls are among the leading cause of accidents and injuries among the aging population. To address this, a physical therapist can teach techniques to help seniors maintain stability and improve balance. Physical therapy may also include a home safety assessment to reduce the risk of falls at home.
  • Manage Chronic Pain
    Many older adults suffer from chronic pain daily due to conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. With physical therapy, seniors can preserve strength and the use of their joints. This can potentially offset future symptoms and reduce the discomfort they feel.
  • Retain or Regain Independence
    For most older adults, the ability to retain their independence is crucial to maintaining a high quality of life. With physical therapy, seniors are more mobile and active as they stay physically fit to accomplish daily tasks on their own or with minimal assistance. This allows them to retain or regain independence, as well as their daily routines and activities that enrich their lives.

New Concept Health Services, Inc. is your reliable provider of senior care in Texas. With your health and wellness in mind, we offer physical therapy that includes balance training, strengthening and therapeutic exercises, home safety assessments, and more. Contact us today to learn more about arranging PT services for a loved one.

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