Can You Benefit from Speech Therapy?


Speech therapy is not only limited to helping children with speech disorders. It can also help adults with speech impairments caused by injury or illness. As a provider of senior care in Texas, we also offer speech therapy to our clients.

Some conditions that may benefit from speech therapy include:

  • Aphasia – a communication disorder that affects one’s ability to speak, understand, read, or write. This is often caused by stroke or other brain disorders.
  • Dysarthria – slurred speech due to muscle weakness or being unable to control the muscles used for speech.
  • Resonance disorders – altered voice quality due to a blockage or obstruction in regular airflow in the nasal or oral cavities.

Here are some benefits of speech therapy for adults:

  • Improved cognitive communication through problem-solving, memory, and organization exercises especially for clients who have had speech impairments due to stroke or brain injury.
  • Improved social communication with the use of conversational tactics.
  • Improved resonance through breathing exercises.
  • Strengthened oral muscles especially for patients with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, oral cancer, and other diseases that cause swallowing difficulties.

Are you looking for home health care in Tyler, Texas to provide you with speech therapy? We at New Concept Health Services, Inc. can help you overcome challenges caused by stroke, cancer, and other disorders.

We offer a wide range of services whether you need a caregiver, skilled nurse, therapist, home health aide, and others.

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