Exercise Can Help Prevent Senior Falls

Exercise Can Help Prevent Senior Falls

Aside from modifying your senior’s home to make it more accessible for them, there are a couple of other things you can do to prevent falls. One of those things is encouraging and helping your senior to exercise.

Exercise is great for your senior loved one’s overall health and wellbeing. It keeps the muscles strong, the heart healthy, and the joints lubricated.

Balance training is an example of a great exercise for preventing falls, according to the Harvard Medical School. In a study they conducted in France, researchers found that balance training programs reduced senior falls that caused injury by 37%, falls leading to serious injuries by 43%, and falls resulting in broken bones by 61%.

A caregiver can start assisting seniors with simple walking, dancing, and senior yoga programs to avoid injuries that may result from jumping into a complicated routine on the get-go. They may also ask your loved one’s physician for advice and recommendations for the best exercise programs to fit their specific conditions.

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